Learn How to Get Free Commercial Solar



“My name is Harvey Vickery and I can help Your Business, Factory, Church, Car Dealership, School District, Non Profit etc. Save on Electric bills with Free Commercial Solar”

We can Save your business up to 90% on Electricity with no-money out of pocket and it includes a top grade professionally installed Solar Energy System

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If your business qualifies, you could go solar with no-money out of pocket and start saving money the first month.

How to Qualify for $2 Billion Solar Fund!

1. Own the building or access to the owner
2. Have been in business for at least 3 years
3. Plan on keeping building at least 10 years
4. Want to save a lot of money on electricity

Free Solar Energy Saves You Money!

We’ve simplified the process of going solar.

Investors want to Pay for Your Commercial Solar PV (photovoltaic) System with access to $2 Billion in Solar investment funds.

This is a win win situation because the investors receive Tax Credits from the Gov’t for helping business and non profits. Energy Payments are generally much less than is presently paid for electricity making this a great business decision for the business or non profit.

With our unique solar panel program, your business can start saving money the very first month. And again, you pay ZERO dollars out of pocket!

Your Solar Panels are also Fully Covered for Maintenance for 25 years. Then after 25 years they typically continue to produce 70% to 90% efficiency for another 10 to 15 years. That’s even more savings potential for your business.

Solar building

You pay NOTHING up front, start saving immediately, save more every year. You own the solar energy system in approx. 10 years and continue to receive savings for many years ahead. All for less than what you are paying now.

We now have 150 A-Rated Installation Companies (EPCs) Nationwide that use all Tier 1 Panels, warrantied for 25 years with Operations & Maintenance Contracts.

We receive at least 3 bids on every project to make sure you receive the best deal possible. The more money we save you..the more money the investors earn.

Each Solar Project has a unique savings scenario which affects the amount of money that your business can save/earn based on: 

A) Your Utility Rate for Kilowatts per hour

B) Demand Charges & Taxes in your Utility

C) Sunlight Hours in your location

D) Any Incentives in your city, utility or state

It’s simple to get started! Just have copies of your last 12 months electric bills handy and Follow the instructions below.

* All solar projects vary in amounts saved.

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Go Solar Start Saving!

Let’s see just how much You Can Save!

Hello and Welcome, My name is Harvey Vickery and I am your Authorized Solar Agent.

We will provide you with a FREE, No Obligation Assessment within 2 to 7 days. Be sure to write “Attention: Harvey Vickery Solar Agent” on any correspondence.

Email a copy of your last 12 months electric bills along with your best phone number and “Attention Harvey Vickery Solar Agent” to the email below:

*To Expedite Your Free Quote Please Write “I Would Like to Get My Free Solar Quote per Harvey Vickery Solar Agent” in the email along with your name, phone number and copies of your last 12 months electric bills to:

Attention Solar Agent: Harvey Vickery

You can Fax a copy of your last 12 months electric bills along with your name and phone number to (800) 903-6326 along with the words “Harvey Vickery Solar Agent Free Quote Request!”


If you would like to be one of our Company Authorized Solar Agents and get paid to give away commercial solar and more follow the steps:

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Working Together for Your Success,

Authorized Solar Agent