Harvey Vickery CBD and Reboot of Your Gut and Colon for Health & Wealth in the 21st Century!

Harvey Vickery explains why CBD and a Total Reboot of your Gut and Colon means health and wealth in the 21st Century

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cropped-6539b_jpgHello, My name is Harvey Vickery, husband, father, internet coach and Social Business Partner Team Builder with Evolv Health. I want to share two things that are very important to your health and income in the 21st Century. The first is CBD and the second is a Healthy Total Reboot of the Gut and Colon where 70% to 80% of all disease begins!

The 21st Century is here with health and wealth. Become one of my Evolv Social Business Partner Team Builders and we will help you earn your first $5000 in commissions!Signaure.jpg

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to learn about the finest breakthrough in CBD called Entourage. Entourage sells for just $119 plus tax and shipping and is just one of the Amazing Evolv Heath and Wellness products!

The more I share Evolv products and business opportunity the more people thank me. Many people suffer with gut and colon issues and are looking for some extra income.

Evolv non-synthetic Wellness products reboot your body gut and colon just like a computer needs a reboot to function better. Evolv reboots your body and your income!

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Free Affiliates and Social Business Partners get wholesale pricing. Your purchases also help to Feed Starving Children and Orphans through the HOPE Movement!

Click Here to read about award winning Evolv wellness products. People everywhere are throwing out their synthetic vitamins to buy Evolv non-synthetic. About 90% of nutrition sold around the world are synthetic and can be more harmful than good. Unlike synthetic vitamins, you can take Evolv non-synthetic wellness products on an empty stomach!

Step1_iconFirst thing to do is Push the Step 1 Button and fill in the form to get your FreeMLM back office. FreeMLM is where our Evolv team members get Free Websites, Coaching, Free Advertising, Secrets to Maximize the comp plan and Much More so we can help you grow your Evolv Business and Income Faster!

Step2_iconPush the Step 2 Button to join our team as an Evolv Free Affiliate and order products wholesale or go to directly to Step 3 to sign up as a Social Business Partner for $29.95 a year plus tax and shipping and order a Team Builder Reboot kit or combination of kits or products that equal $785 or more to earn top pay as a Team Builder. Free Affiliates have the option to upgrade to Social Business Partner inside their Free Affiliate back office anytime but may lose out on some bonuses.

arrowball_e0FREE Affiliates are generally those who are just interested in getting wholesale pricing on Evolv products and earn on customers who buy from their Free Evolv websites. Social Business Partners are those interested in earning the most money and get paid 7 ways. Evolv Social Business Partner “Team Builder” is the best position for the highest earnings faster! Social Business Partner Team Builder requires a one time order at least $785 in your first 28 days one time to be a Social Business Partner Team Builder but it is well worth it to be a Team Builder!

Step3_iconPush Step 3 Button to become an Evolv Social Business Partner Team Builder with a one time Team Builder Kit to maximize your earnings. Use the HOPE Discount code shown above the reboot kits during checkout. The one time purchase of a Team Builder Reboot kit is the most popular and contains all of the products and is around $785 (one time purchase) with the HOPE discount and opens up the maximum bonus money for you and you only do this one time. Social Business Partner first year annual fee is around $29.95 plus tax and shipping and less for each year afterward.

arrowball_e0Team Builder means purchase a one time Team Builder Reboot kit or any combination of reboot kits or products during your first 28 days that total $785 or more along with a 70PV monthly autoship of products you are going to want monthly anyway. I usually tell our members to Order the one time Team Builder Kit up front when they sign up as a Social Business Partner and get it out of the way! Then set up monthly autoship of Evolv Daily and Immun or any other combination or reboot kit of 70PV or more.  You can earn this back and much more within your first 84 days by following our coaching.

Create monthly product autoship of at least 70PV around $114 plus shipping and tax is the key to success and most of us order more. Popular products are immun and daily together or Entourage CBD or a reboot kit of your choice which is what most of our members like because of the savings. You can change the autoship at any time to any items and Just be sure your monthly autoship is at 70PV or more.

Step4_iconPush Step 4 Button to hear from Evolv Founder, Sam Caster, about the HOPE Movement. Every Evolv purchase helps to Feed Starving Children around the World through the Hope Movement and when you join the Harvey Vickery Evolv team, you are part of this mission to Feed Starving and Undernourished Children! You can now see why people love joining our Evolv Team and you are on the cutting edge:


I hope I have made you feel comfortable about joining our Evolv team as a Free Affiliate or Social Business Partner Team Builder and starting your journey with us! It is exciting to be able to help so many people and this is why I put the details above for you to make a wise decision on how you would like to join with us. We are making a difference in our team members lives with better Health and Wealth!

Looking forward to helping you make your Dreams come True…

Harvey Vickery
“Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life”
Evolv Social Business Partner Team Builder
Team Leader

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