Teach Chinese Kids English Online and Get Paid

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Hello Everyone, my name is Barbara Vickery and you probably have heard of my husband Harvey Vickery who loves helping people earn an income online.

I am a registered nurse and in my spare time, I also get paid to teach chinese children how to read and learn English. This is something you can do too!

All you need is to have a bachelor’s degree in any field, a computer or laptop and the internet! You will also need some kind of teaching experience such as Childrens Sunday School teacher, childrens summer camp, or home school experience or have a teaching certificate!

I have been teaching chinese kids online from my laptop for over a year and if you have a heart to teach children and love to get paid then this is for you. If I can do this then Anyone can! I have even taught while on vacation…just need to be sure you have good internet…Teach Anywhere and Get Paid for FREE!


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These chinese children are the sweetest children and usually are the age of around 3-8 years old and I love it! Changing lives has never been so simple. This is a great way to take your teaching abilities online with Vipkid. They do all the stuff behind the scenes, they get your students for you and even give you the exact lessons to teach for the age group.

The teaching lessons and Everything you need are in your Free Vipkid back office plus I will be there to guide you! This is truly an Amazing FREE way to make money and have FUN doing it! I look forward to seeing the little ones on my computer screen with their little faces ready to learn every time I teach. PLUS, when I hear “I love you teacher Barbara” or the parents popping on the screen saying “Thank You teacher Barbara”… it will make your Day!

lets get started

Vipkid develops the curriculum that you teach so you can focus on inspiring students across China as they learn English. This is a great free way to have Fun and Make some extra money! I went to a second hand shop to get a few props like stuffed animals and  memory cards and a map etc. but that is up to you. These are kids and just like any kids, you want to have something you feel will be fun to keep the kids interest. If you prefer to teach older Chinese kids then I will show you how. Just contact me once you signup and let me know that you prefer the older kids!


You set your own schedule and you Teach when and where you want! You can teach Every day, Only Tuesday mornings or whichever day you like, you can teach Every other Friday or whenever you prefer. You can teach from Your office, Your basement, Or even your sister’s bedroom. Teach whenever (and wherever) works for you.

Oh, and you get paid for every 30 minute session. Make your bank account happy. Earn up to $22/hr plus! Signup from my website below and let’s connect. I will be there when you need me and show you exactly what I do and how you can build an incredible income either full time or part time.

lets get started

I am looking forward to working with you in Vipkid and showing you what I have learned. You will LOVE it!

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